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Inspirations d'un voyage au Portugal - FACE

Inspirations from a trip to Portugal

Portugal is a country rich in natural beauty and culture. On a recent trip, I had the chance to visit the island of Madeira , a beautiful destination located in the Atlantic Ocean. With its breathtaking landscapes and lush nature, Madeira has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

During my explorations across the island, I was struck by the diversity of the landscapes. From majestic mountains to lush green valleys to picturesque beaches, every corner of the island offered a new, breathtaking view. Exotic flowers and endemic plants added splashes of vibrant color to the island's natural palette, creating a true visual symphony.

The smells and textures of Madeira were also captivating. The scents of flowers and plants blended harmoniously in the air, creating an intoxicating atmosphere. The textures of the rocks, trees and landscapes were varied and intriguing, giving a unique tactile sensation to each location visited.

The simplicity of life on the island of Madeira was also inspiring. The inhabitants lived in harmony with nature and respected its rhythm.

During my stay in Madeira, I had the chance to meet the ceramists from Lili Céramique . Two talented sisters who work and live together, they have created a workshop where the magic of pottery comes to life. One of the sisters is mainly dedicated to turning the pieces on the potter's wheel, firing and turning, while the other takes care of the glazes and painting the pieces.

Their creative process is fascinating to observe. Each gesture is precise and deliberate, each piece is unique and bears the mark of their passion and their know-how. Inspired by the nature around them, the sisters of Lili Céramique create pieces that capture the spirit of Madeira. Floral patterns and vibrant colors bring their designs to life, recalling the natural beauty of the island.

While exploring their studio, I was amazed by the works on display. Each pot, each plate, each cup told a story and expressed the love and respect that ceramists have for their craft. Their inspirations drawn from nature were reflected in each piece, creating a deep connection between art and the environment.

My trip to Portugal, and more specifically to Madeira, was an experience that nourished my creative soul. The spectacular landscapes, the meetings with the ceramists of Lili Céramique and the simplicity of life on the island.

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