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The founder

I am Marie-Lou, the founder of FACE. The story of FACE begins with a gift I gave to my grandmother, a talented artist, in the form of a pottery class. This shared moment was a revelation for me, because I was instantly seduced by this medium. This was the starting point of an exciting journey and a deep connection with pottery.

The name "FACE" embodies for me the authenticity and sincerity that are at the heart of my work.

My creative process is fueled by nature and its organic beauty. Each piece I craft is unique, resulting from a completely handmade process. I pay attention to every detail, ensuring that each pottery has its own personality and expresses its unique character.

With each piece I create, I seek to spark an emotional connection with those who admire and use them. I hope that my creations bring a touch of beauty and inspiration to the daily lives of those who welcome them into their homes. It is with great joy that I share my love of pottery with the community, hoping to create objects that evoke smiles, memories, and a renewed appreciation for handmade crafts.

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We take great pleasure in making handmade ceramics for you and we hope you enjoy them for many years!

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